Hi, I'm Will Crossland, a musician, software developer and beer-user from northern England. I made this site as a home for the music/software I've made, and to provide a safe space to explore frontend development away from the day job.


Dry Stone Will

Dark pop, an English folk lilt and lush guitar-led backing

Socco Chico

I make some music (sometimes with Adam Parkinson) for the dancefloor


Disco synth jams and drum edits with Brett Lambe


I've made some (free!) software to help me make music, mostly for MaxMSP and Ableton Live, mostly. Some of it is available here, some of it is available from the below Github links

Push Wrapper

Interface with your Ableton Push (mk1) from a web browser


An online metronome built with React, Redux and the Web Audio API

Max For Live Devices

A collection of Max For Live devices I have made

Wac Network MIDI

Cross-platform (Win/OS X) tool for transmitting MIDI between computers

Miniak Patch Editor

Patch editor/management tool for the Akai Miniak synthesiser

KMK Control Script

In-depth control of Ableton Live using the Korg Microkontrol

Dude Up

A web-app for settling up the cost of group activities. See the source code here.


Totally meta, see the source code for generating this site!


You can find me in these places: