Miniak Patch Editor

Patch editor/management tool for the Akai Miniak / Alesis Micron synthesiser

miniak patch editor screenshot

Buy full version

The paid download includes:

  • The Miniak Patch Editor application
  • A template for controlling Miniak Patch Editor from the popular iDevice software TouchOSC , created by Adam Neddo (see documentation for contact details). Note the template controls the editor software (which updates the Miniak in realtime), but not the Miniak directly
  • Documentation for setup and use
  • A folder of example patches
  • The MaxMSP source code

Buy Miniak Patch Editor for OS X

Buy Miniak Patch Editor for Windows

Download free demo version

A demo version can be downloaded and used for free, but does not include the following features:

  • Patch management
  • Patch randomisation
  • OSC interfacing

It can be used as a fully functional patch editor. I recommend trying the demo before purchasing the full version of the software to ensure it suits your needs and works with your synthesizer

Version History


  • Added an OSC interface, allowing realtime control of Miniak Patch Editor (and the Miniak) from other OSC aware applications
  • Added ‘auto patch retrieval mode’ – Miniak Patch Editor automatically retreives the loaded patch from the Miniak to keep the editor and your synth in sync
  • Bugfix: certain filter types could only have a maximum frequency of 10KHz, instead of the full 20KHz

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