Software Overview

I've made some software to help me (and others) make music, principally with MaxMSP and Ableton Live . Some of it is available here. Some is free, some costs a small amount.

Push Wrapper

Turn your Ableton Push (mk1) into a simple Web Audio API powered Drum Machine.
A demo of my Push Wrapper in action.


An online metronome fo' keepin' yo' shit tight!

Device Snapshot Manager

Max For Live device that adds the ability to store and recall ‘snapshots’ of Ableton Live devices in realtime

Where Am I

Max For Live utility device that displays Live API information for the currently selected element of the Ableton Live interface

MIDI Clip Modulo

Max For Live utility device that adds extra functionality to note editing in Ableton Live's MIDI clips

KMK Control Script

In-depth control of Ableton Live using the Korg Microkontrol (greatly improved on that offered natively)

Wac Network MIDI

Cross-platform (Win/OS X) tool for transmitting MIDI from one computer to another via a network (sans hardware MIDI interfaces)

Miniak Patch Editor

Patch editor/management tool for the Akai Miniak (and Alesis Micron ) synthesiser

ChipPanFire Source

Totally meta, see the source code for generating this site!