Miniak Patch Editor

Miniak Patch Editor is a cross-platform (Win and Os X) application for editing and managing patches for the Akai Miniak synthesiser, created using MaxMSP. The software can also be used with the Alesis Micron, though I suggest trying the free-demo first to ensure it behaves as expected with your synthesiser.

Miniak Patch Editor screenshot

Miniak Patch Editor can be bought for €2.50. The download includes:

  • The Miniak Patch Editor application
  • A template for controlling Miniak Patch Editor from the popular iDevice software TouchOSC, created by Adam Neddo (see documentation for contact details). Note the template controls the editor software (which updates the Miniak in realtime), but not the Miniak directly
  • Documentation for setup and use
  • A folder of example patches
  • The MaxMSP source code

Buy Miniak Patch Editor For OSX:

Buy Miniak Patch Editor For Windows:

Current version: v1.1.0
I intend to offer any updates for free

Update Details

  • Added an OSC interface, allowing realtime control of Miniak Patch Editor (and the Miniak) from other OSC aware applications
  • Added ‘auto patch retrieval mode’ – Miniak Patch Editor automatically retreives the loaded patch from the Miniak to keep the editor and your synth in sync
  • Bugfix: certain filter types could only have a maximum frequency of 10KHz, instead of the full 20KHz

Demo Version Downloads

A demo of Miniak Patch Editor can be downloaded and used for free. The demo version of the software does not include patch randomisation, patch management or OSC interfacing features, though it can be used as a fully functional patch editor. I recommend trying the demo before purchasing the full version of the software to ensure it suits your needs.

Download the Demo version of Miniak Patch Editor for Os X
Download the Demo version of Miniak Patch Editor for Windows

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