M4L – DeviceSnapshotManager

DeviceSnapshotManager is a Max For Live device that adds the ability to store and recall ‘snapshots’ of Ableton Live devices in realtime

Device Snapshot Manager screenshot

DeviceSnapshotManager is distributed as two fully editable Max For Live .amxd files – one MIDI effect and one Audio effect. Its use is demonstrated in the below video:

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Current version: v1.1.1
I intend to offer any updates for free

Update Details

  • Fixed bug where snapshots with more than 128 parameters were not fully recalled
  • Improved speed of JS-based Live API interactions


  • Added ability to name snapshots

Demo Version Downloads

A demo of DeviceSnapshotManager can be downloaded and used for free. The demo version is fully functional and editable, but lacks the following features:

  • Snapshot naming
  • Device randomisation function
  • Device reset function

Download the Demo version of DeviceSnapshoManager

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