Miniak Patch Editor V1.1.0 – touching sound

The updated version of Miniak Patch Editor, a software editor for the Akai Miniak synthesiser, now offers OSC integration, and comes with a template for the popular iPad software TouchOSC

What does this mean? Realtime control of your Miniak from the iPads touchscreen, that’s what.

Miniak Patch Editor screenshot

5 comments to Miniak Patch Editor V1.1.0 – touching sound

  • EEL337

    You should probably mention that the touchosc template controls the miniak editor and not the miniak directly. I love your editor, but I was excited at the prospect of using touchosc and leaving the computer at home. Unless I am missing something in my connections and the template should be working with the miniak connected to the iPad via midi interface and camera connection kit. Is this possible? It seems that it should be.

  • chippa

    You’re right. The TouchOSC template does indeed control the editor software, and not the Miniak directly. This is explained in the pdf documentation, but I will update the web-page description of the software to reflect this.

  • EEL337

    How hard would it be to develop an editor that worked with touchosc alone? It seems possible, but I haven’t gotten under the hood. If you could create that it would be awesome.

  • Bruno Afonso

    To develop a standalone app you would need to use Lemur or another app that send NRPN directly to the synth and use a usb->midi to connect to the miniak. I’ve been thinking about developing something like this…

  • very good work!

    can be for the following application
    to edit the rhythm of Miniak ? :)

    I really love the true random function!

    is there somewhere else I download sound banks?

    and you have made ??a version in puredata? ;)

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