Miniak Patch Editor V1.1.0 – touching sound

The updated version of Miniak Patch Editor, a software editor for the Akai Miniak synthesiser, now offers OSC integration, and comes with a template for the popular iPad software TouchOSC

What does this mean? Realtime control of your Miniak from the iPads touchscreen, that’s what.

Miniak Patch Editor screenshot

Socco Chico – Hotel Sexo EP

Four pelvic thrusts on dark bass-heavy dancefloor magic from Socco Chico. Listen and download now from soundcloud

New software: DeviceSnapshotManager

A new software device is available from

The software is a Max For Live device that adds the ability to store and recall the state of any Ableton Live device in realtime, via MIDI mappable ‘snapshots’

Device Snapshot Manager screenshot

Man or Beast? Socco Chico live [03/12/2011]

Oh yes oh yes oh yes.

Get your wowzers out of your trousers and throw your feet at the dancefloor. A collosal party is afoot in the Dalston, London on Saturday 3rd December.

Socco Chico will be giving the subs a thorough workout, alongside (Mordant music releasing) Vindicatrix and (the worlds finest collective) SDF collective also providing live performances. Expect a night of big sleazy pleasure

Man Or Beast Dec 03

Saddleworth Beerwalk – 2011 [18/06/2011]

The hills come alive in the Yorkshire community on the wrong side of the Pennines this Saturday 18th June, at the Saddleworth Beer Walk . A short train ride from Manchester and a day out like no other, as the streets and tracks of Saddleworth teem with hikers, beer users and the fancily dressed.

Once again, the Man Or Beast crew in tandem with Chov Audio will be taking the music and a selection of DJs around the route for a Whitsuntide mashup of bass and booze.